Booking Form


Security Deposit 

Please appreciate that we have to take a security deposit to ensure that the equipment is looked after, we do understand when children are involved, equipment and accessories may get damaged. We encourage you to take extra care.

I have read and understood that I am liable for any damages made with these items in my care. I have checked over with Eventsha upon delivery that  all items are in working order and I
am happy that they are.
Please be aware that the sizing of the sleepover set ups require a lot of open space.
Bed with tray - 190cm 
Width - 95cm 
Please ensure that you have checked that the amount of beds you require will fit in the chosen area as Eventsha will not be able to refund any beds that do not fit on the day. 
I have checked my chosen area and I can confirm that the amount of beds I have booked will fit. 

I give permission to Eventsha to use any images taken in my home on their website/pages.
I understand that these could be images of children involved in the parties and I have checked with each child's parent that this is ok and I am happy to complete the T&C form to clarify this. 

Deposits and Payments 

Please note that a £30 deposit is required when making a booking. 
The balance must be paid a week before the event date.
On the day of arrival a £50 security deposit will be taken, you will get this back upon collection the next day once all items are checked over.